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A revolution in logistic and transports

Thanks to the success of online commerce, the logistic, shipping and freight sectors are going through an era of enormous expansion. Customers buy online, or on large portals like Amazon and e-Bay, or on small e-commerce, waiting for the purchased product to arrive directly at their home, as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the complex part in shipping management, is the first and last mile, that is the pick-up of the goods at the sender and the delivery of the goods to the recipient. In fact, having to certify the taking in charge and the correct delivery, it is usually considered necessary the presence of a physical person in both the conditions of exchange. This means high costs for the management of shipments to the sender, who must spend time on outbound logistics with the sole purpose of delivering the packages to the couriers, and inconvenience for the recipient, whose presence at the place of delivery is necessary for be able to finalize the transit. This fact often translates into the need of the courier to make several delivery attempts to arrange an appointment with the customer, sometimes involving even the company’s customer care service, or to bring the goods back to a collection point where will have to go the recipient.


The adoption of the connected locks to the Sofia Lock cloud makes it possible to increase the business processes of companies: a delivery man, for example, can be authorized (using a virtual key on his smartphone) to access a warehouse to collect the goods and, later, to a house or an office to finalize the delivery. It will be the access control system itself that will certify the successful pick-up/delivery of the goods, geolocation and the identity of the deliverer. All these aspects lead to a drastic reduction of costs, thanks to the possible optimization in the logistics process.