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Aidan Ramsden on Livingway’s Integration of Cutting-Edge Technology in Property Management

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Aidan Ramsden, the General Manager at Livingway, who oversees six operational build-to-rent sites across UK North West. Livingway, known for its innovative approach to property rental, stands out as a leader in creating seamless and community-focused living experiences.

Aidan shares insightful details about how Livingway leverages technology to differentiate itself in the competitive market and improve tenant satisfaction. Central to this strategy is the integration of Sofia’s cloud-native access control solutions, which have transformed both operational efficiencies and the tenant experience at Livingway. From enhanced security features to the convenience of mobile key access, Aidan discusses the transformative impact these technologies have on property management.

Join us as Aidan elaborates on the importance of mobile and cloud-based solutions in Livingway’s business strategy, the specific benefits of real-time building access management, and the future of technology in the property rental industry.

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us about your role at Livingway?

I am the general manager of 6 operational build to rent sites across the north west.

Aidan Ramsden
General Manager at Livingway UK

How does Livingway differentiate itself in the highly competitive property rental market?

Livingway is an institutional landlord which means we own and manage all of our assets. With ourself the customer journey comes first and what is most important. We want to streamline every part of the process for a resident to live with us and make them feel a part of the community straight away. They will want for nothing and would have everything they need on their doorstep.

Can you describe the impact of integrating Sofia’s cloud-native access control solutions on your operations and tenant experience?

Integrating Sofia’s cloud-native access control solutions has had a significant impact on our operations and tenant experience in our residential properties.

Enhanced Security: Sofia’s cloud-native access control solutions offer, remote monitoring, and real-time access control. This has substantially improved the security of our residential property, giving tenants peace of mind knowing that their homes are protected by state-of-the-art technology.

Convenience and Flexibility: With Sofia’s solutions, tenants can conveniently access their residential building and amenity spaces. This eliminates the need for physical keys or keycards, reducing the risk of loss or theft. Additionally, Livingway can grant access to contractors, guests or employees remotely enhancing flexibility and convenience for all.

Improved Tenant Experience: By providing a secure, convenient, and modern access control solution, we have significantly enhanced the overall tenant experience. Tenants appreciate the ease of access, and increased security measures.

In summary, integrating Sofia’s cloud-native access control solutions has transformed our operations and resident experience by enhancing security, convenience, efficiency, and scalability. It has positioned us as a leader in providing modern, technology-driven residential environments that prioritize safety and convenience for our residents.

How important is technology, especially mobile and cloud-based solutions, in Livingway’s business strategy?

Mobile and cloud-based solutions are pivotal in Livingway’s business strategy for several reasons. Firstly, they enhance accessibility and convenience for both employees and residents. Mobile apps allow employees to access critical data and tools on the go, facilitating seamless communication and productivity. Customers can also engage with Livingway’s services conveniently through mobile apps, increasing user engagement and satisfaction.

Moreover, technology enables Livingway to innovate and differentiate itself in the market. By investing in mobile and cloud-based solutions, Livingway can develop new features and services that meet evolving customer demands. These innovations can help Livingway stay ahead of competitors and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

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In what ways has the real-time building access management feature enhanced your property management capabilities?

The real-time building access management feature has greatly enhanced our property management capabilities in several ways within our residential properties:

Efficient Monitoring: Real-time access management allows property managers to monitor entry and exit activity in the building instantly. They can view access logs in real-time, enabling them to track who enters and exits the premises at any given moment. This capability enhances security by quickly identifying any unauthorized access or suspicious activity

Remote Access Control: Real-time access management empowers property managers to remotely grant or revoke access to tenants, visitors, and service providers. This flexibility is particularly valuable for handling emergencies, managing deliveries, or accommodating last-minute access requests without the need for physical presence on-site.

Customized Access Permissions: Property managers can customize access permissions for different individuals or groups based on their roles, responsibilities, and schedules. Real-time access management allows for dynamic adjustments to access permissions, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access specific areas or amenities within the property at any given time.

What were the key factors that led to your decision to choose Sofia’s access control solutions for Livingway properties?

Several key factors influenced our decision to choose Sofia’s access control solutions for Livingway properties:

User-Friendly Interface: Sofia’s access control platform boasts a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to use for both property managers and tenants. This simplicity enhances user adoption and minimizes training requirements, resulting in a smooth transition and improved user experience.

Remote Access Management: Sofia’s solutions enable remote access management, allowing property managers to grant or revoke access remotely via a centralized platform. This capability enhances operational efficiency, facilitates seamless tenant onboarding, and enables quick response to access requests or security incidents, regardless of location.

Reputation and Reliability: Sofia has established a strong reputation for reliability, innovation, and customer satisfaction in the access control industry. Their track record of successful implementations and satisfied clients gave us confidence in their ability to deliver high-quality solutions that meet our needs and expectations.

Can you share some feedback from your tenants regarding the mobile key access feature?

Residents feedback has all been positive with the new system. They have all commented that the interface is so easy to use and is massive help for the security of the building.

Looking towards the future, how do you see technology further transforming the property rental industry?

Looking ahead, technology will revolutionize the property rental industry in various ways. Smart buildings, driven by IoT technology, will optimize energy usage and improve maintenance. Data analytics will enable predictive insights for better decision-making. Blockchain and smart contracts will streamline transactions, while personalized tenant experiences will be facilitated through technology. Enhanced security measures, sustainable initiatives, and collaborative living spaces will also reshape the industry. Ultimately, embracing these technological advancements will be key for property managers to stay competitive and provide exceptional value to tenants.

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