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La flessibilità alla base dei nuovi modelli di abitazione: Sofia Locks e AbitareIn in una intervista de Il Quotidiano Immobiliare

Martedì 20 settembre Alessandro Nacci, CEO Sofia Locks, e Marco Grillo, Founder & CEO AbitareIn, hanno illustrato il ruolo dell’innovazione per l’abitare flessibile durante un intervento de ilQuotidianoImmobiliare.  Durante l’evento è stato analizzato il mercato residenziale, entrato nel radar degli investitori nel corso degli ultimi anni. Qui le operazioni degli investitori si stanno moltiplicando e […]

Technology and sustainability to enable the evolutionary process of society

An interview with Maria Cristina Farioli, Director of Digital Strategy & Consulting Services @ RED Living the Future. Over the past few years, issues of sustainability and digitization have played an increasingly crucial role, abetted by the health and economic situation that have imposed new standards and required new means to meet new challenges. In […]

Technology to accelerate the evolution of organizations: the role of scale-up and start-up in the digital era

An interview to Philippe Bacci, Manager INNOvation @ Nhood. Written by Anna Gnemmi, Marketing & Sales Specialist @ Sofia Locks Technology has revolutionized the whole world during the last years, innovation has been accelerated to answer to new needs and this has impacted the whole real estate industry. In this market there is now an […]

The latest on Luckey: the evolution of our product

Luckey has become even smarter and more innovative with the latest features released by our product development team over the past quarter. Giovanni Bettinazzi, our product manager, explains below the latest innovations, such as multi-side access control technology, offline remote control of events, and gives a small preview of upcoming features. Multi-architecture mobile technology Simplicity […]

KPMG cited Sofia Locks as an innovator in the real estate market

KPGM Real Estate released its annual report on innovation in the real estate market in July 2022, and we are very pleased to report that Sofia Locks has been cited as a leading innovator in our industry within the Property and facilities management and Safety and security categories. The report aims to provide an overview […]

PropTech: what it is, how it is revolutionizing every aspect of Real Estate, and why to invest in 2022

The term “PropTech” comes from the union of the English words “property” and “technology” and identifies a business model where digital technologies are applied to real estate. Specifically, by PropTech, we refer to the entire market involving those companies (mostly StartUp) that create and propose Tools and technological solutions that can transform and advance the […]

Coworking Milan: the most innovative and service-rich spaces

Milan is the first Italian city in terms of presence of coworking spaces. Always considered the benchmark for business, innovation and doing business, Milan is experiencing a profound transformation of the “work space.” The clearance of remote work that has occurred in recent years, the increase in activities where the only tool needed is a […]

Introducing HyperTouch: Enhanced Access Technology by Sofia Locks

Sofia Locks presents HyperTouch: the App distribution platform for the real estate market, a revolutionary channel that brings interactions and services directly into buildings. Cloud-native access control technologies by Sofia Locks have already lifted the building security management to a modern practice prising financial and operational flexibility. Today, Sofia Locks clients can benefit from fully […]

Co-living, Cohousing and Social Housing: the new trends of the Real Estate and the fundamental role of technology in the Residential 4.0

The real estate market is facing a period of deep transformation, driven by the dynamism of the sector and the new needs of customers. We like to define this period as “Residential 4.0”, as the strong wave of digitalization has given life to a new model, characterized by a great capacity for renewal, not only […]

Office mode: the new feature that makes it easier to manage the flow of people

The office mode is the latest feature released by our product development team, to simplify the management of the flow of people accessing company spaces. Giovanni Bettinazzi, our Product Manager, provides us an overview in the following article. The office mode has been developed to meet the different needs of the users in workplace environments, […]