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Santagostino scattered clinics

The client

An innovative health care model

Santagostino is a network of complete specialist outpatient clinics, the first in Italy to experiment with a healthcare model that combines high quality with affordable rates, and which makes technological development a strategic element for offering health programs to its users.

Today the company has 31 facilities located in the Milanese metropolitan area, with more than 12,000 square meters available. Within this overall area, various types of clinical activities are performed: outpatient activities, dentistry, image diagnostics, surgery and even psychology.


Scattered psychotherapy clinics close to the patients

It is precisely the structures intended for the provision of psychological paths, set up in apartment-type real estate units, therefore normally inserted in condominium-type contexts, that represent one of the greatest challenges for Santagostino in providing a service to the person strongly integrated with technology.


Scattered psychotherapy clinics close to the patients

Santagostino and Sofia Locks therefore began sharing a path for the development of a technological solution which, based on theintegration between the visit booking system (Santagostino), the access control cloud platform (SofiaLocks) and the intercom system present in the field with also very variable characteristics, allows access to Santagostino users in total autonomy, through virtual access keys virtual.

Personnel and professionals

Collaborators and professionals are simply enabled to use the structure by activating specific credentials.

In the structures not manned by the front-office staff of Santagostino, and during the closing hours of the condominium concierge service, the solution led to a significant increase in the quality of the services provided by the professional psychologist collaborators , who were able to devote themselves completely to carrying out their profession and consulting activities for the person, without having to deal with the management of user access themselves, with obvious disturbances on the final result of the psychological service.


The user of the Santagostino finds in the smart access system an additional element of technological interaction, easy to use and in line with the company philosophy of easy access to services, independently and in a highly integrated manner with the online world.

In the case of customer use, in fact, people who frequent the spaces as sporadic users (for a limited period of time or even on a single occasion) receive a real virtual key A unique credential based on space-time data relating to the booking, which allows access to the structure in total autonomy


Upcoming developments

Sofia Locks and Santagostino, as a further development step, are now studying the best system architecture, also in terms, for example, of hierarchical portal users.

The interface between the Sofia Locks management portal will be optimized to reflect the corporate organizational structure of Santagostino, so that all the access key management operations via software can be the greatest added value for the figures in charge of access control, with a view to exponential optimization with respect to standard and very expensive methods which are necessarily linked to traditional “physical” keys.