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Cloud integration between access control and networking for greater safety

At the Segreen business park in Segrate, Milan, we have recently developed an innovative access control project through to the integration of two cloud native:with the contribution of CBRE, thanks to cloud-native access control solutions of Sofia Locks and the network technologies of Cisco, and the collaboration of one of our certified system integrator, we have provided an integrated technology that allows the use of a modern access control system, that grants a grater safety for the building to a well-known multinational in the field of imaging.

Thanks to Sofia Locks technology we have given the client the possibility to authorize the business employees ton access spaces via smartphone, after having booked a working station through the same digital platform. Given the customer’s desire not to install turnstiles, to make spaces freer and less constrained, a more accurate esteem of the number of people in the building was needed. To solve this issue it has been made an integration with Cisco cloud-native network systems, to have specific information on the number of people in the building. The system integrates the logs deriving from the access control with the ones form the network accesses, to count how many people arei the building in real-time. This system also allows to give instant information in case of emergency.

What is Segreen Segrate?

Segreen Segrate is an eco-sustainable business park made through the upgrading of a large real estate complex, the former Microsoft headquarters. This innovative structure provides workplaces, recreational areas, long pedestrian paths, huge green areas, and many services, like auditoriums, bars, fitness centers, and bike and car rental. The use of access control systems in this kind of spaces allows a strong reduction of management costs, as well as the possibility of offering value-added services for tenants thanks to PropTech technologies and the digitalization of spaces. Whether interested on this topic, visit PropTech Perspective.