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E-commerce: delivery is easier with the intelligent locks in the cloud

Buying on the Internet has now become a habit, especially among the youngest. As stated by Alberto Statti of, the forecasts for 2017 say that there will be a further growth of 16% compared to 2016, for a total value of 23.1 billion of euros.

Despite these staggering figures, the management of online sales for their business, or, more simply, the management of an e-commerce, still hides some difficulties that limit the potential that can still be expressed.

One of these is in fact connected to the logistics part, and therefore to the part related to shipments. One of the last barriers that greatly increases the costs of shipping is linked to the fact that the user must be at home to collect the package, which is often the cause of several attempts to return and lost parcels.


Thanks to the use of smart locks connected to a remote cloud system, it is possible to allow entry to the house to the delivery boy through the smartphone: all this is possible in a controlled way, for a limited period of time, receiving notification of the delivery.

The largest e-commerce in the world, Amazon, has recently announced the Amazon Key service, which is based on the same concept. This is explained by the Sole24Ore

The system is based upon three key elements: an app, an intelligent lock and a security camera (cloud cam). Through the app it’s possible to proceed with the order and the whole delivery phase is monitored. When the courier arrives for the delivery, he scans the shipment code with the smartphone and receives a temporary password that allows him to open (just once) the entrance door through the smart lock. At the same time the camera will activate and shoot the delivery scene, with the user who can watch it live or review it later.

Until today, the system is only available in the United States thanks to a collaboration between Amazon, Kwikset and August, companies who produce smart locks in the American standard locks format. And what about Europe? The Sofia Locks solutions with ISEO Serrature S.p.a could be surely the best idea.