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Energy Saving and ESG parameters: the new frontier of the real estate market

ESG parameters are becoming more and more widespread and are paving the way to a renewed positive trend in real estate investment. When talking about ESG it is meant the environmental, social, and governance parameters that lead the business strategies and investments, to stimulate companies to have a positive impact on society and the environment, and implement forms of governance inspired by ethical criteria.

The effects of these parameters are now visible in Italy, a country traditionally slower to react than European countries, and the year is expected to be positive, as noted by the CBRE Italy Investor Intentions Survey 2022. The survey indicates that these trends as those that will guide investors’ choices over the next year:

  • The capital raised in 2021 will allow for an increase in acquisition activities;
  • The risk appetite will be greater;
  • The investors’ interest in the secondary locations is increasing;
  • ESG parameters are now considered by most investors as one of the fundamental factors in the choice of the property to acquire, if not in some cases absolutely essential (18% of investors will not even consider real estate that does not comply with these parameters).

These parameters are significantly marking the real estate market, as they require that a real estate project aimed at economic success should integratespaceuse indicators, that should be respectful of the needs and privacy of people, and at the same time help people svolgere le loro attività ancora nel rispetto dell’ambiente. carry out their activities while still respecting the environment. In this context access control technology is crucial, as it not only increases flexibility and freedom of movement but also improves the relationship between people and the spaces they are living in. Only PropTech solutions allow to respect the requirements above, by installing detached intelligence on the single gateways (wireless edge computing) and establishing a virtual network without limits of extension (cloud control management).

The concept of virtualization has now become essential, as it gives an essential contribution to sustaining the optimism of investors. From the environmental point of view, many are the changes that occurred in terms of operations, as the reduction of materials necessary for the implementation of complex services, such as multi-plant access control or international directional access networks, and the rapid and economical implementation of access control thanks to digital technical support, through an App dedicated to installers and a co-design framework. Many are also the changes from the point of view of control, such as the analysis of access to facilities in real-time with the processing of big data through the reduction of the environmental impact and the integration of software with all the detection systems, environmental control, and automation (BIM).

From the social point of view, the operations are improved thanks to an integrated space reservation system for the self-service management of common areas, and shared resources control is optimized by granular management of individual user permissions and roles to build the exact access chart.


ESG access control

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As for governance point of view, the operations are increased thanks to the virtualization of access credentials, which can be assigned to the personal account of users and be migrated to any media (smartphone, RFID, PIN), and, thanks to the cloud control room, the operations can be dislocated and made remotely accessible. From the point of view of control, however, there is real-time management of the gates and credentials, to intervene instantly in case of authorization of special accesses or removal of credentials. In addition, it is also possible to integrate the software with all modern business management systems (ERP, BIM, …).

Energy Saving solutions

The new business models of the real estate market need energy-saving solutions that work with virtual keys. Standard energy-saving solutions are generally based on the fact that the guest can place an RFID badge or card in an energy-saving pocket inside the room; modern solutions, on the other hand, pay more attention to energy savings through the use of smartphones, to open doors and increase the value of the building itself, while maintaining low implementation costs.

Sofia Locks thought of an explicit action to embrace energy-saving by installing an Aries HyperLock electronic lock. Thanks to this, it is possible to have information on the state of the room, to understand if it is empty or not, by sending a signal to BMS via a cloud integration.

When the user is in the room the HVAC is disabled, as the privacy toggle is not active. For this feature to be successful, the lock must be connected to the HyperGate, so when the user accesses, activates the toggle and communicates his presence in the room. This data is sent to the cloud wirelessly and then to the BMS to activate the HVAC and services present. Explicit action is therefore provided.

If an explicit action is not wanted, it is possible to use the data of the access control system to understand the status of the user. When he enters the room, the system activates and turns on the power supply of the room thanks to the cloud integration with the BMS. When the user exits the room there is no explicit action, and this means that active services, such as air conditioning and electricity, remain active, and are not automatically deactivated. When the user leaves the building passing through the turnstiles or accesses another room inside the same building, the system understands that it is no longer in the room and then switches off the power and HVAC.

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