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Cloud technology to improve the facility management

The development of Internet of Things solutions, the greater availability of data, and the improvement of artificial intelligence have allowed the facility management world to be central in the digital innovation processes of organizations and companies.

Facility management represents a range of disciplines and services fundamental to ensure the functionality, safety, security, efficiency, and comfort of the whole environment, buildings, infrastructures, and real estate.

What is the facility management?

The facility management process is configured as the process of design, implementation, and control, aimed at ensuring the most suitable and qualitative service while creating a quality working environment at the best economic conditions possible.

Facility management can be divided into hard facility management and soft facility management.


Hard facility management deals with space and infrastructures, it includes all the services concerning the physical part of the building, i.e.:

  • Space management;
  • Workplace management ands optimization;
  • Buildings technical management;
  • Energy management,
  • Waste management;
  • Indoor and outdoor cleaning.

These services are essential to ensure that the structure of the building is not compromised. Furthermore, they are also required by law, because of health, hygiene, and safety concerns.


Soft facility management is performed by people and organization, it includes all the services which are usually used by employees and clients These services are not mandatory as the hard ones, they are provided to improve the comfort offered. The services included are related to:

  • Health;
  • Hygiene;
  • Safety and security;
  • Internal services;
  • Information and communication technology (ICT);
  • Internal logistics.


The term facility management also includes facility management systems and software Sensors and smart devices are used to create a great amount of data, by analyzing it the management and the facility could be optimized.

New technologies have changed the whole facility management approach. Facility management tools significantly simplify operations, especially the central monitoring and control of the systems and technologies used. Many are the advantages reachable, like the ability to:

  • Unify the management of multiple facilities geographically dispersed;
  • Have remote control of the locations without being physically present;
  • Centralize interventions in the system in the event of a situation in the building or the needs of its user;
  • Store information about actions taken by individual users and groups;
  • Understand the degree of utilization of spaces and resources;
  • Cut costs.


Hot desking

Support resources booking, time management, and seamless integrations

Multi-site access control

Control any number of buildings and areas in real-time, from any device

Roles and permissions

Shape you access control system exactly like your business

NFC HyperTag

NFC powered handsfree interaction for every door


Sofia Locks access control solutions are designed to optimize business facility management. We know that data has become fundamental in the digital world we are all living in, not only as it allows to process information in every moment, but also because it allows managers to predict possible future scenarios and take appropriate actions.

Luckey App is a professional manager designed to meet the needs of enterprises.

Business intelligence platform

Our real-time, modern interface allows managers to keep everything under control anywhere and at any moment.

Our professional platform not only allows to manage the mobile credentials, but also the use of spaces and resources. Organizing and controlling the access of individual users and groups to rooms, buildings, or resources has never been easier.

Cloud-native multi-site access control system

One panel is all needed to manage all the premises, managers can switch form one location to another in just a click.

Flexibility becomes the keyword. Luckey integrates every new area under complete control and with full functionalities. It does not matter if buildings are far apart, or new premises have to be added, as the business scales.