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Last generation hardware solution

The virtualization of access control is an effective response to the evolution of the labor market and the now mandatory safety requirements. This last-generation solution, characterized by a high level of reliability and technological solidity, has set itself as a new standard in the current landscape. Traditionally the segment of access control was dominated by electronic companies, but with the advent of new technologies, enterprises operating in other sectors have entered the market and introduced new design approaches, such as cloud-based systems. Cloud-native solutions are designed to meet the needs of different businesses and coordinate the flow of traffic. Through these systems it is possible to control a great number of smart locks in real time, managing accesses via smartphones, RFID cards or PINs. The time of cabled spaces is over, as everything that can communicate via cloud technologies immediately gains freedom from space and time constraints. Wireless systems facilitate the management of different buildings, even if located in different cities or countries. Through a single control panel the manager can have the control of all the activities at any time, he can check the permissions ,revoke them and modify them at any moment! From the security point of view, cloud-based solutions have several differences from traditional systems. From the security point of view, cloud-based solutions have several differences from traditional systems. When choosing a native solution the customer doesn’t have to worry about maintenance and upgrades anymore, , as the systems are maintained by the supplier company, which always guarantees the latest version of the software and the highest safety standards (as ISO certifications and insurance policies). We, at Sofia Locks, design systems for buildings and large installations, equipped with wireless online technologies that allow the control of the entire structures remotely. Our solutions stand out for their flexibility, not only there are three different default plant configurations, but also customized ones, in order to meet the needs of the single business. Here is an in-depth analysis of the different installations:

Sofia Easy is simple to install and requires as little hardware as possible. It is based on bluetooth and battery locks, and has complete functionalities even when the electricity and the internet connection are missing. It mainly supports smartphones, since the badges cannot be updated in real-time.

Sofia Smart is complete, totally wireless and manageable in real-time. This solution integrates the gateway and has the complete support to RFID badges as well as smartphones. Like the previous system, it does not require wiring and has complete functionalities even in the absence of electricity or internet connection. In both cases, access credentials are stored in the central cloud platform and in the memory of the lock, in a secure area.

Sofia Advanced is the most innovative online access control system. The system is wired online, both RFID cards and smartphones are supported, and access authorizations can be updated in real-time. This system combines the advantages of different solutions in one and it is designed to meet the needs of different businesses.