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Smart Locks for Co-Working: a concrete case of Smart-Working

In the last few years, work spaces are evolving towards more flexible models, where long-term offices and rentals no longer exist, but where sharing spaces can be made dynamic at will. In this context, “co-working”, or spaces where professionals and companies can rent workstations and rooms for the work of their employees or collaborators, are achieving enormous success and spread.

This type of activity, however, must face high costs of managing access control to physical spaces: these costs are due to the sharing and distribution of physical keys (or “badges”). Moreover, many of these co-working are organized in networks distributed throughout the territory, often also at national and international level, which allows them to offer offices spread across different states but which further complicates access control if it’s managed with traditional badges.


The introduction of connected locks can revolutionize the entire sector: the guests of the spaces can purchase a direct access online and, after payment, can obtain a virtual key of access to the offices directly on their smartphone, reducing the costs of legal management at the reception and the management of the physical keys.


Introducing smart technologies for managing access control not only leads to a pure cost reduction. In fact, the digitization of the key opens up further innovative scenarios: for example, it becomes possible to introduce an hourly sale of spaces, and no longer only on a monthly basis. It may even be possible to have a dynamic price list for renting space, like the price of a plane ticket based on the advance with which you book and the availability of seats on the flight. Once again, all this is made possible by the fact that the physical object becomes a digital entity, and therefore can fall into automatic management flows that are highly integrated with the company’s business.

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