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Sofia Locks among technologies chosen by Health House for new Genoa location

On May 9, 2022, the new Health Home opened at the MSC Towers in Genoa. A state-of-the-art health care facility designed to provide patients with the highest quality services and comfort. The choice of innovative technologies and the attention given to the patients’ health care journey tells of the evolution of the Health Home, which was created to ensure quality health care for all.

The new location on Balleydier Street includes 3 different blocks, the Private Specialist Outpatient Clinic and Surgery block on the ground floor, and the Advanced Eye Center on the second floor. The areas are organized to have separate accesses.

The Surgery block houses state-of-the-art machinery and technology, such as suspended machines and devices to monitor inpatients’ health noninvasively, thanks to artificial intelligence. The ventilation ducts also make use of an air quality analysis system that prevents the spread of viruses.

House of Health has always put the privacy of clients first; therefore, the Surgery block has private access, directly from the local parking lot. Patients can then access the recovery room directly from the parking lot through dedicated gates and without having to go through check-in. This is all thanks to a highly computerized system that manages the customer’s journey through the facility, allowing staff to offer their professionalism to the fullest in a welcoming environment. The management system of In fact, Casa della Salute interfaces securely and GDPR compliant with Sofia Locks’ cloud-native access control to allow patients to access the facility independently, showing near the gate the barcode or QR code related to their reservation.

“One euro less than the co-pay” was the Health House launch campaign, but how is it possible to offer such high-quality services at such an affordable price? Marco Fertonani, CEO and founder, is very clear: “Definitely having invested so much in technology and artificial intelligence. We have a system that monitors and manages all Health House processes from when a patient takes a ticket to when they pick up a referral, from how many needles and patches are consumed in a location, how much energy is consumed in a room.”

Knowing how to quantify and measure then, and then put professionalism and technological innovation side by side. Sofia Locks supports House of Health in efficient warehouse management. At the new location in Genoa at MSC Towers, the warehouses are already equipped with intelligent access control that allows staff to gain secure access and the system to keep track of the material being used. In fact, Sofia Locks’ cloud-based access control system offers comprehensive solutions for space utilization analysis. On the one hand, the system integrates ready-to-use analytics panels; on the other hand, it can be quickly integrated with any management system thanks to a complete set of REST APIs and the support of the team of specialists.

Cutting-edge technology, attention to privacy, and intelligent use of data-these are the three principles that unite House of Health and Sofia Locks in their mission toward excellence in user experience(customer journey).

The Health House case study shows how it is possible to deliver high quality in a sensitive sector such as health care by being able to manage business processes with great precision and choosing the right technology to support it.