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Technology is moving fast, so is Sofia Locks! A closer look on issues, technology, and solutions

In the near future, when the industry will stabilize after the Covid-19 pandemic shock and the restrictions of movements will be lifted, workers will begin to go back into the physical workplace. The transaction from the Work From Home (WFH) and the furlough to return to work will be different for every organization, the number of employees may vary, and many companies could decide to continue with working from home arrangements. This situation, never experienced before, does not offer certainties, except for the fact that the world will change, and that businesses will have to follow certain guidelines to be ready to go back into physical workspaces, and finally reopen. Many reliable sources are providing information about the possible measures companies can carry out to make both work and safety proceed side by side. Also we, at Sofia Locks, have been widely researching in order to understand how to respect the social distancing and the security standards. Here is the point we are currently at.


Everyone is aware that technology is changing not only our lives but also organizations and the whole market. It has become a stream of constant change, and it represents the key factor in this period, because it allows us to preserve (when not rescue) people’s lives. Moreover it is supporting projects, businesses, and investments. It represents the tool that is going to lead business out of the crisis safely and solidly. As a matter of fact, many operations will change in their core after the pandemic, because they will be integrated and/or automated. Automation is needed to cope with the Covid-19 emergency, as it improves security and reliability. Cloud native technologies are used to increase flexibility, deal with uncertainty, and react rapidly to market changes. Implementing these solutions means transforming business spaces into flexible ones that could interact with people in a secure way. Sofia Locks have developed some features to meet these needs, like theaccess to the company without the presence of the reception. Through the Luckey Manager application, the manager can grant remote and secure access to guests. Moreover “staggered entrances” can be managed, in this way users can be organized in groups through the use of tags; each group has its own credentials that allow them to access specific spaces and resources in a boxed time frame, in this way entry shifts are created, and gatherings are avoided. By using the Luckey Manager application, it is also possible to support reservations of entrances to control the maximum number of people admitted to the workspace daily, and thus to respect the social distancing imposed. Protocols and policies for the use of spaces are not to be under-evaluated, they need to be enforced by the company’s communication. People should be always updated about what is going on in the workspace, they can find all the protocols by using the Luckey Guest application, that gives a proper overview of the rules, the policy of mobility and the use of the building. that gives a proper overview of the rules, the policy of mobility and the use of the building.


The importance of automated systems is not only underlined by us, at Sofia Locks, but also by reliable sources, like the Harvard Business Review that, in a recent article, underlines all the changes that people are facing during the Covid-19 pandemic. The authors highlight the fact that this situation has modified the whole working world: it has changed not only where people work, but also what work is performed, and how it is achieved. Now leaders should reimagine the work, and employees have the opportunity of taking different responsibilities to respond to the evolving needs. To achieve this goal, new ways of managing work, and new talents are necessary, and also resilience and agility are to be developed to face the continuous changes. Automation has become mandatory to deal with the crisis and therefore it should be accelerated. It is a precious resource, because it improves reliability, increases safety and well-being, and manages spikes in demand. Recently, many companies have broadened the use of automated software, because they allow workers to operate, monitor, and control systems remotely and consequently reducing the possibility of exposure to the virus. Automation also allows utilities to function without difficulties and disruptions. Concluding, this pandemic is pushing us toward a time of unprecedented innovation, as it has accelerated the technological adoption in many companies. We at Sofia Locks want to be part of this change by helping organizations to get back to workspaces in a secure and safe way, by providing systems designed to help in facing the Coronavirus challenge, and improve flexibility, resilience, and efficiency.