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Coworking Milan: the most innovative and service-rich spaces

Milan is the first Italian city in terms of presence of coworking spaces.

Always considered the benchmark for business, innovation and doing business, Milan is experiencing a profound transformation of the “work space.”

The clearance of remote work that has occurred in recent years, the increase in activities where the only tool needed is a computer, have led to an explosion in demand for this solution: SMEs, digital nomads, the self-employed and large companies all find coworking spaces in Milan the ideal solution to meet their needs.

Milan is a metropolis in continuous development and characterized by great dynamism even in the building sector: in recent years places have sprung up-immediately becoming iconic-such as the Piazza Gae Aulenti complex and the City Life district.

At the same time, some coworking spaces have been able to carve out a prestigious place for themselves: in addition to being efficient workplaces, they are increasingly developing their own identity and unique design… in a moment you will discover the spaces that are achieving the most success.

Coworking revolutionizes the concept of “space” and becomes the ideal solution for businesses

In July 2020 we anticipated how the modern work environment was changing, moving toward coworking models and flexible spaces.
The last few years have further accelerated this process: the demand for these spaces has soared(even the idea that they were indicated only for digital professionals has been eradicated).

In general, coworking includes an open space with several workstations, one or more rooms for meetings and gatherings, and spaces dedicated to serving the entire workforce of SMEs and large corporations.

It is precisely companies, living through years characterized by an uncertain economic situation and where making predictions is tremendously difficult, that benefit most from coworking.

Renting space and buildings for corporate headquarters (until recently the only option available) entails an ongoing debt for the company, regulated by a binding contract and with sums (above average in the Milan context) that the company owes the landlord for the use of the space or building.

Coworking finally frees the company from this “shackle”: in fact, they are handled economically as a real operating cost, just as any supplier is.

The company therefore does not see a debt arising, but only a cost that it can discontinue at any time if it was no longer useful or convenient, immediately relieving itself of a burden, an aspect of particular relevance in these uncertain times.

New, increasingly smart technologies and digitization in general have already changed the world of work as we knew it just a few years ago, and the transformation is proceeding unstoppably.

In a fast-paced society where market demands are constantly changing, flexible work is proving to be an indispensable aspect of increasing productivity and efficiency.

For SMEs, Start-Ups and Large Corporations, coworking offers economic advantages, greater freedom and boosts productive capacity-which is why more and more companies are choosing it.

The main characteristic of Coworking is the ability to adapt to market demand, being able to meet the most diverse demands.

And it is not only the work aspect that is catered for, the network of services that generally Milan coworking facilities offer is definitely wide and can include: meeting rooms with hundreds of seats, smart lockers to pick up one’s belongings, baby sitting, training activities, gym, parking, concierge, laundry, café.

Today, coworking facilities are a valuable resource for many companies, and choosing this solution brings different kinds of benefits:

  • economic: you have a work space on better terms than with a classic lease, which in a large city like Milan is usually very expensive. Of course, all utilities are included in the fee, which is something to keep in mind given the recent increase in costs;
  • productive: every element is already set up to allow you to work at your best, and you don’t have to worry about anything (the slightest problem that arises, such as a power outlet that doesn’t work, is immediately solved), a key aspect of focusing only on work and having high levels of productivity;
  • flexible: you can rent space according to your time and space needs (many coworking facilities are part of a larger network and offer access to different locations). No constraints and maximum adaptation to specific needs. Spaces that provide 24/7 independent access are also on the rise.
  • networking: an indirect benefit is to come in contact with numerous professionals from other companies, a situation that fosters collaborations and business opportunities.

TOP Coworking Spaces in Milan

We have selected the 7 coworking spaces in Milan that stand out for their features and success, let’s discover them together.


TheCopernico HUB includes 7 locations in Milan, and employees of companies that have their offices in one location can access the common areas (freely) and meeting rooms (in this case, for a fee) of the other coworking spaces.

In total, Copernico has 18 facilities spread across 8 Italian cities: the ability to access multiple locations with a single account encourages mobile working and becomes a major consideration when choosing a coworking space.

The location in Via Copernico, near Milan’s Central Station, is probably the most famous coworking space in the city: it covers 15,000 square meters and definitely expands the concept of a workplace, offering café, lounge, gym, terrace, webinar room, a park, and additional services such as ICT assistance, reception, and correspondence management.

Talent Garden

It has been able to carve out a leading role among coworking spaces, thanks to its unique format and wide range of spaces and services available to users.

It has offices in several Italian cities (Rome, Turin, Genoa, Brescia, Cosenza) and in many European cities.

TalentGarden offers its guests a unique and comfortable experience with easy-to-use User Apps (iOS and Android), and a management system that adapts to the needs of the facility.

In addition to a wide range of services, it is characterized by the support and training activities available.

We Work

Having landed in Milan after already conquering cities such as Paris, London, Tokyo, and New York, it immediately carves out a starring place for itself, with as many as five locations spread across the Milan area.

The proposal offered is varied and includes private office space, fixed/variable workstations, and meeting rooms.

Particular attention is given to health and safety aspects, and the environments feature a sophisticated design.

Additional services include state-of-the-art event spaces that can be selected from venues around the world.


52 locations in Milan and a global network of workspaces.

Regus offers a wide variety of solutions and definitely focuses on maximum flexibility, giving its users the ability to take advantage of the entire network of locations.

It is part of the Iwg Group, a company specializing in flexible spaces, which also acquired Copernicus in 2021.

Iwg’s goal, through the many coworking spaces in its network, is to meet virtually any need, especially as companies are increasingly inclined to use offices distributed throughout the territory.

It is thanks to smart access control, which manages the entire network in a technological and globally unified way, that users can use the common areas of all coworking spaces, in the many Milan and international locations.


It is distinguished by a very wide distribution of independent coworking spaces, with locations ranging from Sicily to Italian Switzerland.

There are 25 locations in Milan, including. Italy’s first historic coworking space , which is now the headquarters of the Cowo Network, in Milan Lambrate at Via Ventura 3.

In addition to standard spaces, it has developed its offerings through coworking spaces aimed at specific professional targets and made to meet the peculiar needs of categories such as: Architects, Creative, Start UP, Music and Video Makers.

Impact Hub Milan

“It is part of a global network of coworking spaces and incubators where investors, mentors, companies and startups united by an interest in creating profit and positive impact meet,” is the message Impact Hub communicates on its website.

The network includes more than 100 locations worldwide, and the Milan coworking space stands out as a Certified StartUp Incubator with a focus on social and environmental impact.

The total space is about 3,000 square meters where the relaxation garden, a green corner in the heart of Milan, stands out. You can try coworking for free by requesting a day pass from the website.

Well, only one remains to be discovered, the only one that has gone beyond the coworking model.

In Milan, Coworking evolves and becomes Pro-Working: here’s Wellio

Wellio is a pro-working : innovative concept that goes beyond “simple” coworking and offers users an immersive experience beyond expectations.

Pro-working combines all the conveniences and services of hotels with the technology and usability of space proper to the most modern offices.

400 workstations, with private offices that can be customized in terms of design and equipment, coworking workstations in shared areas, meeting sales and areas for various types of events.

Guaranteed 24/7 access, with front desk and concierge service Monday through Friday.

Bar, rooftop with cathedral view, restaurant, kitchens on the floors, indoor courtyard with sofas and seating, gym room, library, phone box, lounge–some of the additional services available.

Wellio is the brainchild of Covivio – among the most innovative players in the international real estate market – which for this exclusive space has chosen the technology of Sofia Locks .

The “behind the scenes” of running a Coworking space: the secrets of Success

We have seen how coworking is an established, solid and steadily growing model in the real estate market, particularly in the city of Milan.

Innovatively designed spaces for a unique experience and utmost attention to customer needs are among the key points to be pursued, but alone they are not enough.

To become a benchmark and dramatically increase the likelihood of successful investment, especially in a very competitive area like Milan, the coworking space must stand on 4 fundamental pillars:

  • maximum flexibility in space management to quickly adapt to market demands and changes;
  • access control capable of giving the most complete autonomy and security to users (allowing reservations and access using only a smartphone makes life much easier) while making all operations simple for facility managers;
  • integrated and scalable management , to cut costs and be able to manage multiple locations simultaneously;
  • wide range of services offered, to build user loyalty and diversify revenue sources.

There is a single element that can satisfy all these aspects: the use of a truly smart technology platform, where hardware, software, users, managers, are connected and the user experience is constantly improving.

It is this smart, enabling and functional technology that enables coworking spaces to succeed and always be able to respond promptly to market demands and evolve.

With the experience gained from years of collaborating with leading Italian and international coworking entities, Sofia Locks has developed a unique solution that lowers costs and allows coworking spaces to project themselves to the next level, as demonstrated by Wellio.

Among the most frequent requests we receive is this:

“How to design and implement innovative and successful coworking?”

To answer this question, we have produced an entire in-depth guide.

E it is not only coworking that benefits from this solution: There are more and more real estate sectors that, in order to meet the needs of an ever-changing market, need the indispensable boost given by new smart technologies that can build a scalable, flexible, sustainable and most importantly, successful business.

Discover here the revolutionary solutions-that will define tomorrow’s leaders-offered by our technology. For any other information about our hardware and software solutions, contact us here.